The Fitnah of Wealth…Are you sure you are secured?



One of the most concerning hadith regarding the plight of Ummah is: The fitna of my Ummah is wealth. Fitnah in Qur’an means test. This test is a challenge to our emaan. Fitnah also means turmoil like that an atrocious goverment or  a facility of luxury. The Bani Israel succeeded in the matter of the atrocious of Firawn but failed in the luxury of Mano salwa. They could not digest luxury. Most of us use the hadith of the fitnah of wealth  by using others as pointers. We always realise that our relatives and our friends who are richer than us are in danger of failing the test of wealth and we happily believe that we are secured. Well let us have some soul searching assignments:


1. You dream of a career that will fetch you a lot of wealth and fame then you are already in the danger zone of the wealth fitnah. Wealth should be craved to full fill your needs and what remains, is for your dependants and needy as well as in the way of Allah. Will you be able to balance it?

2. You are despearate to buy an expensive I-phone for a status though you do not need many of those apps and though your father cannot afford to buy you one and you too cannot afford then you are sliding down the below the line of being failed in the fitnah of wealth because Extravagant are the brothers of shaytan says Surah Isra.

3. Allah has given you wealth so you want to spend lavishly on your wedding or your son or daughter’s wedding just for a status of few hours. You do not  mind how much food will be wasted but  you will be happily taking long hours in discussing the long menu of dishes, and the decorators and other things which are not even mustahab in a wedding. Do not forget that earning halal is not enough to be saved from the  day of Accounts but also spending in  halal will be accounted. So when a wedding in around the corner then you are in the breeze that can turn into a storm suddenly.

4. You are a salary class yet you are fond of buying branded items that are beyond your reach. If you buy them , then it means you will have to reduce the amount that you spend on your parents medicine and transportations. It also means that you may reduce the money spend in the way of Allah or on your own wife and children. If you appear to be richer than you are then you are lying through display of rich items and Allah does not like liars.

5. You have inherited the entire wealth of your parents discarding the due rights of your sisters and brothers. The famous hadith says : whoever grabs the property  of others will carry the entire property right upto the seventh earth deep and will be dragging towards the court of Allah

6. You buckle under the pressure of your children and buy a car on interest free loan because you cannot afford to buy on cash and your children cannot afford to be without car. So Surah Tahrim says: Inna ma amwalukum , wa awladukum fitnah.. Indeed your children and your wealth are a fitnah ( test)

7. You are quick in taking loans after loans from your friends and well wishers but slow or procastinator in returning them..The sahih hadith says : Those who die without repaying their loans, for them the gates of heavens will not be opened when they die.

8. Your wealth is above nisab level but you do not pay zakah except a few amount, thinking you are more generous than Hateem Taiee…Surah Baqarah says that people who do not spend in the way of Allah will be punished severly and the hadith says that such wealth will be appearing before the person as a poisonous bld snake and biting him…

9. You give charity but you boast off later, or you provide an injury to your beneficiaries of charity through taunts and reminders. Your charity is nullified says Surah Baqarah from verse no. 264 onwards till 272..

Many other things can be added to the above list. We may be faltering into fitnah thinking that we are doing other things nicely so we are secured.

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