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What does it mean by sacrificing animal ?



As salaamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu.


Eid-ul-Adha has come again this year Alhamdulillah !. All praise and thanks are Allah’s that He gave us another chance to celebrate this blessed day. I am writing this note with a dedication and passion for the sake of Allah. This is a reminder to myself first and then for others and may Allah give us goodness and guide us to practice Islam, worship Allah the way He deserves.


The Sacrifice in Islam ? What is it really ?

When we talk about sacrifice Islam the first thing that should come in our mind is the sacrifice of Ibrahim (may peace be upon him) of his son Ismael (may peace be upon him).


Most of are aware of this narration and it has been repeated over and over again in Friday Khutbahs and now again i am going talk about it.


We know from the narrations that Ibrahim (peace be upon him) saw a dream and in that dream he was instructed by Allah to do what is pleasing to Allah although it did not make sense to Ibrahim (peace be upon him) but he knew that the instruction was coming from the Lord the same Lord whom we claim to worship today and yet we find ourselves in horrific condition of disobeying the Lord knowing that it is a command of Allah. For Ibrahim (peace be upon him) whether it made sense or not it was beside the point. For him, he knew that this instruction was from Allah and the attitude was here it is and i will get this fulfilled. He was instructed to sacrifice his son and here we have another lesson for the parents and let us reflect where are we going. When Ibrahim (peace be upon him) was instructed to sacrifice his son and when Ibrahim (peace be upon him) spoke to Ismael (peace be upon him) about his dream, Ibrahim (peace be upon him) replies “O my father, do as you are commanded. You will find me, if Allah wills, of the steadfast.” This shows us the upbringing of Ismael (peace be upon him) was such that when the decree of Allah was mentioned to him, He did not find it difficult to surrender to it.

I make dua that may Allah give our children similar upbringing that when the command of Allah is mentioned to them, they are ready to surrender.


Today, we don’t even read salaah and we expect our children to read salaah, we don’t dress properly and expect our children to wear proper clothes. may Allah guide us.


So Ibrahim (peace be upon him) went with sacrificing his son and by the will of Allah, Allah made the lamb appear and replaced his son. By this we learn so much and yet we do not recognize this.

What we learn from this is that everyone of us is taught to engage in the sacrifice one way or the another but its not only about feasting. The real meaning of this is sacrifice those things which comes in the way of earning the pleasure of Allah.


What is the point of sacrificing an animal when we are not ready to sacrifice things that displeases Allah. People are ready to sacrifice an animal every year but what about the sin we have been committing for years who is going to sacrifice that ? We lie, cheat, backbite, listen to music, watch nonsense television shows, movies, disrespecting elders/parents, speaking ill, abusing if i start naming each and everything i won’t be able to complete this note but the point is the real sacrifice is changing ourselves for the sake of Allah, stop doing things that displeases Allah.


We do not understand neither we reflect ya ikhwan, Eid is not about feasting, greeting, and enjoying the meat their is a bigger purpose and a message behind it, it shows us that we have to sacrifice for Allah even though sometimes it does not make any sense. Just imagine about Ibrahim (peace be upon him) when he was commanded to sacrifice his own son, does it make sense ? No brothers there was a message behind it that we hear our Lord and obey. Eid has a greater purpose it is about self development. Most of us will continue living the same lifestyle after eid and yet next year again “eid mubarak”. This is time of reflection, think and lets change ourselves.


This Eid, lets make it different and truly serve the real purpose of Eid. The different between other religions and Islam is behind each and every festival there is a bigger purpose. It is we who needs to understand that and show non-muslims the same.


Sacrifice things that are displeasing to Allah otherwise the next eid will be around the corner and if we didn’t change then you tell me my brothers and sisters what is the point of buying an animal and sacrifice it without even reflecting on the true message and what Ibrahim (peace be upon him) narration teaches us.Who is going to sacrifice the animal that lives inside us ?


Their meat will not reach Allah , nor will their blood, but what reaches Him is piety from you. Quran 22:37

If we could only understand these verses of Allah then only we can realize the true purpose of sacrificing an animal and what it teaches us.


For those who have sacrificed your animals, What have you sacrificed ?

For those who are going to sacrifice, What will be your sacrifice ?


You have slaughtered your animals but really what is your sacrifice ?


I ask Allah to make our eeman strong enough to give up those things which are displeasing to Allah. This note is first a reminder to myself and then to others.


Zaid Shakil
(Servant of Allah)

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