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How the ‘Fitnah of words’ causes more damage than the ‘Fitnah of the swords’

Last month Cheetan Bhagat , a crap novelist who successfully sold good amounts of his books and got popular, favoured the Zionist Israeli attacks upon the Palestinians. Being very good in literature is one thing and being very good in current events is another thing. The same applies to the Muslims too. These days every Muslim appears to be giving expert comments on the current events not realising that ” every spoken word will be accounted ” on the day of Qiyamah.


The fitna of the tongue is more severely harmful than the fitna of the sword. Now read it is ” The ‘fitna of the word’ is more dreadful than the ‘fitnah of the sword’. In our times it fits the media. Media is issuing more fitnah than information. The news are no more ‘Paid News’ now but ‘Purchased News’ and ‘Planted News’ are the new trends. A huge chunk of the western media plants news stories to stirr up fitnah in many countries. Media is now being used as an active weapon  of mass destruction of truth, and distraction of the truthfuls. The enemies of Muslims are using ‘a worldy fitnah’ to throw us into confusion. Media is widely used now to stop the world opinion from going against Israel, and is rather used against the Arabs.


Opinions, mostly anti Saudi, are originating from unknown sources and spread among all the well known sources thus raising a bitter hatred against the Arabs, specially Saudis. People are sharing Updates and Status without verifying them. We all are pained by the killing of innocent lives in Palestine, but that does not mean that we should appoint our selves as Qazis and issue rulings. But every one wants Saudi to do every thing, from fighting the Jihad,  to apply political and economic pressure to solve all the problems of the worldwide Muslim community.


Consider this : The Western Media and their Governments have demonized the Arabs as generators and financers of Jihad.  On the other hand we have ” Some Muslims” who label the Arabs as cowards for not doing Jihad but wasting the money. In the West, the Arabs are blamed for strangling their women’s right, in the Muslim minds they are blamed for extreme liberation in their lands. The West blame them for making the community Radically Religious spreading ‘Wahabism’. In the Muslim circles they are blamed for not “Establishing Deen”. It appears that the aim of both the propaganda is to dismantle the Arab world first by isloating them by firmly convinsing the world that they are cruel and aggresive and causes of the problems, while gradually maligning the Arabs among the Muslims by calling them lethargic and cold towards the problems of fellow Muslims. It appears that the sources of the propaganda is same but the aim is to make it impressable by showing it  from diagonastically opposite directions. Both the arrows guide the Muslim world and the Non Muslim world towards hatred of Arabs.


The Arabs like every human race have their own wrongs but they do have rights too. Out of 1500 Millions of Muslims, the Saudis are 25.3 Millions. If you subtract the females  as half of its population and the kids under 15 along with the above 60s, you will have only around 8 Millions of Saudi men who fit in the active’s column. The rest of the giants Arab countries, Egypt and Iraq are being baked in the oven of civil war.


If you want to understand the correct interpretation of what is happening in the Palestine or the entire Middle east, then you don’t look for it in the media controlled by the Jews and the Christians, but look for their ploys and tricks exposed in the Qur’an. Surah Al Baqarah explains what the Bani Israel, alias the Jews alias the Zionist are thinking planning and claiming. Infact even Surah Baqarah tells us about the pyschology of the Jews and not only their history. The Qur’an gives us a clear cut information in Surah al Baqarah how the people of the book, distort the truth and spread lies, in those days as well as these days. Read  the verse no. 42 of Surah al Baqarah. It instructs The people of the Book and in today’s context it includes their politicos and media: Wala talbisul haqq bil Baatil,  wa taktumunal haqq wa intum ta’lmoon..Do not cover the truth with lies, nor conceal the truth when you knnow it. The Arabic word labasa in the first phrase of the verse means to cover. The word libas (dress) also comes from the same root word labasa. There are two ways to cover the truth with lies. First to change the truth into falsehood and second to  misinterprete truth and change the meaning. It can be done by mixing truth with lies in such a way that it becomes difficult for people to distinguish truth from false hood. The second phrase  has ‘taktumul’, derived  from ‘ katama’ which means ‘to hide’ when you know it.


The People of the Book did this with their scriptures in the early days after Mosa a.s. departed and mixed up the Torah with their opinions and expert comments. They repeated the same thing to harrass Jesus a.s. and distorted the Injeel too. Later, they tried to do it in Madina too by trying to erupt revolts in Madina via Munafiqs and the weak faithed beduins. They are trying to do it even today. Since they cannot  change the Qur’an, so they have adopted a new method, of creating confusion among the Muslim ranks by floating distorted news. Again Surah al Baqarah exposes their desires  in verse 105 : It is never the wish of those without faith among the people of the book nor pagans that anything good should come down to you from your Lord. The same cautionary note is also repeated in verse 109: Quite a large number of the People of the Book ardently desire that they could turn you back to kufr after you have believed, this is due to selfish envy after truth has become clear to them…… And don’t forget that killing  a Muslim is also Kufr. I hope now you are getting  closer to the truth. May Allah protect us


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