What Is Your Goal ?

Imagine you went to a football game and you saw there is no goal posts on the pitch. Would there be any point in playing a game in which there is no goals? In the same way it is meaningless to live life without a Goal!

I want you to imagine you wake up in front of you are a bunch of guys running around kicking a ball. No goals, No lines, No rules!

What would you think? But is that your life? Surely every sport has its goal every game has its end, it has its objective it has its rules. How about life? How about our life? Isn’t there a goal to life? Isn’t there a purpose, an objective that we have to reach? We think so! The Qur’an tell us that we exist in order to worship God and worshipping God means knowing God.

Worship though is not some narrow small thing. It’s wide its vast, it encompasses everything that the human being does everything that you do, everything that you think, everything that you feel can be done thought, said, felt in a way that is either pleasing or displeasing to God.

The purpose of life is to try and do everything in a way that God loves and God is pleased with.

That is your goal!

In the section “The God Confusion”, arguments for and the contentions against God are explored. The next section “Islam Unveiled” explores the reasons why Islam is true and explains the purpose of our existence.


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