The Corporate Da’ee: The Pro of Islam

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]ith the revival of Da’wah, Ahmed Deedat marched into the ranks of Christian missionaries, raising the spirit of Muslims and inspired people like Dr Zakir Naik to take Daw’ah as a full time,
rather an over time career. With the defeat of poisonous  Dr. William Campbell, Islamic Da’wah reached a new height and Da’wah centers sprung up all across longitudes and latitudes of the globe.
When I see DVDs of aspiring Da’ees, I spot  one thing common in many of them  (surely not all),that they all dress up in rich coats and speak fluent English, yet  I find one thing missing, the depth of knowledge.

Many  young Da’ees  take up Shaikh Google and Shaikh  Youtube as their teacher and they remain  half baked.

Know more or No More?

Interacting with learned  men and listening to their lectures is an essential  part of Da’wah. Opting to live a simple life is another financial ethic of Da’wah.
Knowledge is  sought and not picked up from a departmental store like branded items. I have closely seen Dr. Zakir Naik working on his notes and cross checking the references
himself till early morning and then returning back to his cabin by afternoon and get busy in managing office affairs.

The day a Da’ee gets saturated from learning he has reached a dead end.  Consider this : One of the reasons why Tafseer  Ibn Kathir happens to be a master piece,
it is  because of the cross references from the Qur’an itself to explain a particular verse.

Many of our young enthusiastic young men of our community are  excellent in crowd collecting, marketing their talks and  DVDs, but when we see their presentation
and examine their content, it does not look  convincing. Hidayah is in the hands of Allah but efforts should come from us.

Da’wah is becoming too corporate, dress up formally,improve your accent, enrich your vocabulary , give impromptu replies. Aah Daee’s are expected to be too professional.
The results are a little amusing too. All of a sudden da’ees are in demand with mother  in-laws to be, preferring  them for their daughters, girls adding “he should be a da’ee ”
in their matrimonial columns and all that. Da’wah is not only talking big about Islam but also doing small good things in a big way, be it a talk or a charity or any good deed which may seem small.

Inspite of this, I would say our young men are really firing at a good pace. Just let me remind them. It is not important how many people you have reverted to Islam,  rather how much  effort have you put in  putting across your arguments in favor of Islam. In Corporate law  ” It is impossible to close all the sales”. So guys don’t get disheartened , just take care of  your niyaah, and Allah will take care of your efforts

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