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Shaiytan : An Open Enemy



Shaiytaan is not only a rebellious and nefarious soul but an open enemy to human race. 
Allah (swt)) has confirmed his enmity in Quran at various places.

“Shaiytaan is an open and manifest enemy to human kind”.[1]
“Indeed Shaiytaan is to you an enemy, so take him as an enemy. He only invites his followers and they become the dwellers of the blazing fire[2]   

Shaiytaan has such a confidence in ensnaring his victims that he openly declares his strategy of approaching them from all sides and making them succumb of his temptations. He confirms his game plan and says,

“Because you (Allah) have sent me astray, surely i will sit and wait against them on your straight path. Then i will come to them from before them and behind them, from their right and from their left and you will not find most of them as thankful ones[3].     

Interesting thing is he never comes dressed in a red cape, scary face and pointy horns. His plans carry in accordance with the intentions and inclinations of his victims i.e. he uses piety to attack the pious , scholarly disciplines to attack scholars, false reasoning and logic for those who take pride in being knowledgeable and ignorance to attack the ignorant.

His methodology consists of three steps:

1) First he communicates

2) then he convinces

3) And, finally captivates.

For instance in case of Shirk he would never say, Hey Guys! “Let’s worship the moon”. No, first comes the over praising of the moon under the disguise of Love, then comes the dunderhead who explains that the reason why the moon shines is because Allah (swt) has put a miraculous light in it. Then comes the other dunderhead who explains that this light had special powers to heal, then comes the third dunderhead who says, it’s OK to seek help from this light. And the mass follows it without any valid evidence from Quran and Sunnah. And when they are confronted, they say that we actually don’t worship the moon, we only use it to get closer to Allah (swt). So, the mushrik has a story that makes perfect scene to him. About such perception Allah (swt) says in Quran:

“…..Shaiytaan has made their deeds fair seeming to them, and has barred them from Allah’s way, so they have no guidance [4]


  • Blowing fitnah of Democracy he won’t say, “Let’s condemn Sovereignty of Allah (swt)”. No, he would deceive you step by step through numbers of philosophies, like,

‘Democracy protects the rights of the citizens’.

‘Democracy promotes equality’.

‘Democracy supports freedom of expression, individualism and an ideal sense of liberty’.

‘Democracy forms stable and responsible governance cause of fixed and elected representatives n promotes change without violence’.

‘Democracy cultivates good character and habits’ etc etc….


  • Advocating Ribah, he would never howl,’ Hey Guys! “May i assist you to commence war against Allah and His Messenger”? No, he would poison you logically, i.e.

‘Interest rates cover the collateral risk of defaulting loans’.

‘When banks can earn higher interest rates on the investments, they have room to pay customers better rates on checking accounts, saving accounts, CDs and money market accounts. So, higher markups make income producing investments more attractive’.

‘Producers have a large incentive to produce more when interest rates are high and profit can be reinvested for a return. Because of this prices fall as producers create as much as possible increasing their supply, thus expanding taste of consumer ‘.

‘High interest rate increases saver’s annual income and also contribute more to family income by increasing the amount investors receive in interest each year.’

‘High interest rates provide stable retirement plans. Etc…


  • When preaching Feminism, you won’t hear, Hey Ladies! “Let’s destroy your Life”. No, he would bounce you emotionally i.e.

‘Gender discrimination is a stain on humanity’.

‘Women have their own identity and the world should recognize this worth’.

‘Women must be encouraged to challenge outdated standards of masculinity ‘.

‘Women’s integration in the work force can result into massive macroeconomic gains’.

‘Women do have souls and are not bound to depend on men’.

‘Women must have equal carrier opportunities from the field of Parliament to battle fields cause physically and emotionally they are not inferior to men’.etc etc…..


  • In case of Fashion Industry, he won’t whisper, ‘ Let’s become an object of amusement’. He would be like,

‘Beautification is a right of every human. It’s a gift of Mother Nature’.

‘Style defines your personality and boosts your confidence’.

‘Exposure is an art not a nudity. Humans were born nude, so it’s a blessing of God.’

‘Fashion is not a perversion, it’s a voice of inner satisfaction’.

‘In male dominating societies, contouring protects women from inferiority complexes ‘. Etc etc…..


  • Calling to Adultery, he won’t push you and would say, ‘ Let’s Commit Zinnah’, No, he would drag you strategically,

‘It’s a right of every human to select partner closest to his nature and caliber’.

‘Love provides better opportunities to understand each other properly before any legal bonding. This protects you from regrets n disappointments’.

‘It’s a natural instinct and a gift of God’.

‘Love makes life more exciting and you have someone by your side, someone to share life’s adventures in a support system’.

‘It teaches you trust and sincerity’.

‘It improves emotional health n motivates you to a better person’.

So, we must understand that Shaiytaan is present in all our affairs n has the guts to pollute our intentions, speech n actions.

Ibn-al-Qayyim says,

“Beware of enabling Shaiytaan to establish himself in the very home of your thoughts and intentions, as he will corrupt them in such a manner that will make difficult its correction, therefore he will cast all sort of whisperings and harmful thoughts at you and he will prevent you from thinking about what may benefit you and it is you who have aided him against yourself by empowering him over your heart and thoughts and he then pledged you in the possession of such thoughts”.[5]
Allah (swt) warns us, 
“O you believe! Do not follow the footsteps of Shaiytaan and whoever follows the footsteps of Shaiytaan, then, verily he commands Fahasha and was Al Munkar.”[6].       


Did you know friends of Shaiytaan would be openly deceived by this cunning enemy on the Day of Judgment? He would say :

“…. Verily, Allah promised you a promise of truth, and i too promised you, but i betrayed you.
I had no authority over you except that i called you and you responded to me. So, blame me not, but blame yourselves. I can’t help you, nor can you help me. I deny your former act in associating me as a partner with Allah, Verily, there is a painful torment for the Zalimin”.[7]

So, are we still dumb like a little red hiding hood who was deceived by a Vicious Wolf in the mask of cute and sweet Granny?

                                                         We need to grow up!!….


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