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Why Celeberate Holi ?

oli is one of the major festival of the Hindus which is a spring festival.

The exact origin of the festival can not be found, though several historians claim that the Holi celebration in the country was brought along with the Aryans.
In the current situation, when most cities in India are facing acute water scarcity, the wasteful use of water during Holi, is questionable.
Holi is also called as a festival of colours as people use to colour each other with colourful powders & waters.
But one should know that these colours are made up of chemicals that can harm your health as well as they influence our environment

  • The wasteful usage of water during Holi
  • The burning of useful woods for Holika Bonfire
  • The use of toxic Chemicals colours that can harm our skins
  • The rise of anti-social people
  • The Wastage of water: In the current situation, when most cities in India are facing acute water scarcity,
    A huge amount of water is wasted on this day as to colour each others. We make liquid paints using water & finally that waster is wasted.
  • The wastage of useful wood & pollution: A day before on the occasion of Holika Bonfire, everywhere woods are burnt.
    These are useful wood which could be used for a positive purpose. This caused deforestation as well as a huge amount of toxic gasses are produced because of these burnt wood.

According to a news article, studies done in the state of Gujarat reveal that each bonfire uses around 100 kg of wood,
and considering that approximately 30,000 bonfires are lit in the state of Gujarat just for one season, this leads to a wastage of a staggering amount of wood. Is that fare?
We are killing our environment just to celebrate a festival?

The hazardous effect of chemicals on our health & environment: Upon study, it was found that the colors we use to play holi contains hazardous chemicals that can cause serious skin disease in humans.
Not Only that, when washed, these chemicals get mixed with the water resources & impure the water as well. It also impacts the waster life system & can kill many species that lives in water.
Below is the summation of popular colors we use in Holi & their impact.

Color- Chemical Health- Effects

Black -Lead oxide -Renal Failure

Green– Copper Sulphate Eye Allergy, Puffiness and temporary blindness

Silver -Aluminium Bromide- Carcinogenic

Blue– Prussian Blue- Contract Dermatitis

Red -Mercury Sulphite- Highly toxic can cause SKIN CANCER

By writing this article my intention is not to offend any of my Non-Muslim friends,its just that i want to make them aware of the truth and make them think how can
God tell us to celebrate such festival which has so much of harmful effects.

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