Nisaar Y. Nadiadwala

Being a passionate public speaker to improve the society, and desperate to remove the misconception about the peace Religion Islam, I have delivering talks on socio-economic-religious and psychological topics. I reverted to Islamic studies after 1992 and joined IRF and then Peace TV. Now delivering talks, handling Qs and Ans as well as training others to speak up for Islam

The Importance of a ‘Wali’ for a ‘Bride to be’


Once I was entering the office of IRF when a young couple was waiting for me. The girl was in total hijab, even her face was covered. The boy had a red thread tied on his wrist, indicating that he was a non-Muslim.  He was carrying a helmet. It was the month of Ramadhan and the time was just 9 ...

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The Fitnah of Wealth…Are you sure you are secured?


  One of the most concerning hadith regarding the plight of Ummah is: The fitna of my Ummah is wealth. Fitnah in Qur’an means test. This test is a challenge to our emaan. Fitnah also means turmoil like that an atrocious goverment or  a facility of luxury. The Bani Israel succeeded in the matter of the atrocious of Firawn but ...

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The Corporate Da’ee: The Pro of Islam


With the revival of Da’wah, Ahmed Deedat marched into the ranks of Christian missionaries, raising the spirit of Muslims and inspired people like Dr Zakir Naik to take Daw’ah as a full time, rather an over time career. With the defeat of poisonous  Dr. William Campbell, Islamic Da’wah reached a new height and Da’wah centers sprung up all across longitudes ...

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